MUDr. Jiří Bílek

Doctor, practitioner and trainer of traditional chinese medicine, President of the chinese medicine chamber

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  • After concluding his studies at the Faculty of General Medicine at the Charles University, he passed Gyneacology and obstetrics with 1st Degree Honors.

  • He is also certified in performing acupuncture as he attended Chinese Medicine lectures in Prague organized by the Czechoslovakian Sinobiological Association. He passed his examination in Acupuncture at the Institution for Postgraduate Training for Doctors and Pharmacists. To deepen his knowledge of Chinese medicine he went to Beijing and signed up for a post gradual course "Acupuncture and Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine" at University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing zhongyiyao daxue).

  • Dr. Bílek is our expert in the field of gyneacology and has some excellent results in treating infertility.

Knowledge And Skills

Basic Price List

Initial consultation: 1 200 CZK
Next appointment: 800 CZK